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Barrett Park


Barrett is responsible for all of our financials, as well as onsite cash handling, cashier training and vendor check-out. He also oversees cash flow, produces budgets and has created systems to better manage our on-site finance positions to ensure proper checks and balances.

Before coming to Festivals Barrett spent time in a variety of industries including banking, high tech and construction industries. As a business manager in these fields he has learned a variety of skills including cash management, maximizing efficiency, ad hoc reporting, managing forecasts/budgets and managing employee relations.

Working for mostly small companies he is used to wearing many hats and jumping in where it is needed from high level management to daily duties. He brings his attention to detail and efficiency skills along with over 15 years of experience to the Festivals team.

  • FUN FACT #1
    Barrett’s footwear of choice is flip flops, regardless of season.
  • Fun Fact #2
    Barrett is happily married!
  • Fun Fact #3
    Barrett enjoys playing both recreational and competitive tennis.